Go Ape Proposal Documentation

The Go Ape proposal documents for DA 36/2010/HA are available from The Hills Shire Council web site. The Noise Report is now available, but as a separate image file for each page. To access the documents you must:

  • Go to The Hills Shire Council’s DA tracking portal
  • Agree to the copyright terms which prevent us from putting a much more accessible copy of the material on this site
  • In the middle of the application search screen, fill in the application Number and Year as 36/2010
  • Click on “Search” near the bottom of the screen
  • In the list of applications found, click on the + next to “HA – 36 / 2010″
  • At the bottom of the application details is a line labelled “Documents”; the link to the pdf is the symbol at the end of that line

Most of the documentation is also available from the Go Ape site.  The Aboriginal Heritage Report here is much longer than that provided on the Council site; the Council documents include a site survey, site plan and course plan, and detailed plans of the proposed log reception and surrounding reception/training area, which are not listed on the Go Ape site.

Development Application (1.9MB)
Development Application Appendix (177KB)
Bushfire Assessment Report (1.7MB)
Traffic Report (3.3MB)
Tree Report (1.6MB)
Flora and Fauna Report (1.8MB)
Aboriginal Heritage Report (1.8MB)
Noise Assessment Report (770KB)


Government Documents

State Environmental Planning Policy No 19—Bushland in Urban Areas (SEPP19)

The Hills Shire Council Local Environment Plan (LEP2005)

The Hills Shire Council Environmental Management Plan and State of the Environment Report

NSW DECC Threatened species assessment guidelines

NSW Industrial Noise Policy

NSW Industrial Noise Policy Appendices

NSW State of the Environment Report 2006

DECC/Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority Rapid Fauna Habitat Assessment


Bidjigal Reserve

Bidjigal Reserve at The Hills Shire web site

Bidjigal Reserve & Surrounding Bushland (pdf – 702 KB)

Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust’s information sheet on the Darling Mills Creek

Bidjigal Reserve at Wikipedia

The Bidjigal Reserve Trust. The board of the Bidjigal Reserve Trust are always looking for volunteers in areas such as: Bushcare, Flora and Fauna Monitor, Publicist, Guide, Historian, Clerical Assistant, Neighbourhood Contact Person, Corporate Friend, Webmaster, Advocate and specialist technical roles such as structural engineer, arborist, legal advisor, project manager volunteer coordinator etc. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Secretary


Other battles

Nature Conservation Council of NSW, who also have a very good guide to writing submissions

Environmental Defender’s Office NSW

Save Hill Road Reserve

The Friends of Lever Park