New battles

This web site had been allowed to languish, as our personal battle with Go Ape/Adventure Forest is over for the moment. When the domain name and hosting service came up for renewal, I almost let them lapse. However, I thought the information here could be useful to other groups, so I renewed the site for another year, even though it hadn’t been updated for a very long time. As it turned out, two local issues have recently been brought to my attention.

Cumberland State Forest

In December 2010, Adventure Forest (our Go Ape friends) moved their attention to Cumberland State Forest: Forests NSW named them as the preferred proponent to develop a “treetop adventure trail” there.

Adventure Forest seem to be distancing themselves from the “Go Ape” brand, but Adventure Forest and Go Ape are the same people in Australia. The Go Ape Australia web site still says, “… maybe you just want to be Tarzan and swing through the trees shouting, ‘arrrh-a-arrrh-a-arrrhhhh!’ We’re fine with that too.”

Hill Road Reserve, West Pennant Hills

Residents there are most concerned about a proposal which involves the removal of existing Blue Gum High Forest.

In response to these issues, I have updated our Action page this weekend to offer the best advice I can for groups concerned about developments in bushland in their area.

If you know of other sites or contacts, or have other advice, please leave a comment here.

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