Well done & thanks!

Go-Ape DA refused by Hills Shire Council.

Go-Ape DA refused by Hills Shire Council.

Go-Ape DA refused by Hills Shire Council.

I know it’s been written before but I just like typing it and reading it over and over.

Well done to everyone involved, so many people who supported the fight, and as Di said, delivered leaflets, wrote to Council, sent ideas, attended meetings and provided input and support along the way.

To those who brought this to the attention of all of us in the first place, to those who assisted with the presentations and the presenters themselves, to a few (who will remain un-named) who used their political clout and nous to bring influence to bear, to The Hills Shire Council for having in place a system which allowed us to have input into the process and for the consideration shown, to Di for her superb website which has held all of this together and to everyone else involved a massive……


Whilst Go-Ape has the option of going to the NSW Land & Environment Court I’m sure that this DA will be treated as it deserves – stay tuned!

Finally I’d like to share something that someone told me about a week ago and on reflection I believe is true and probably sums up our biggest achievement.

“this fight against the Go-Ape DA has brought the whole community together…..”


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  1. Peter says:

    Congratulations on protecting the reserve. It’s great to have such a fantastic piece of bushland on our doorstep. It’s definitely worth saving. Just a small example why this habitat is important. Until recently, I never knew that it is home to some echidnas. We got a huge surprise on Fri 19/11/10. Around 4pm we found an echidna walking around in our front yard. We live on Caprera Rd, Northmead, and it can get busy with cars in the afternoon with people returning home from work, so we got a pair of gardening gloves and put “Spikey” (as my daughters named it) into a cardboard box and took it down to the bush behind our house which I understand is part of the Bidjigal reserve. It then dug itself into the ground, which is what it started doing just before we put it in the box. After this bit of excitement I looked up the echidna habitat distribution, and found that they’re supposed to have a little colony in Bidjigal reserve. It’s fantastic and keep up the good work of protecting these wonderful animals and providing a habitat for them. It was a real treat for my whole family to see an echidna in our very own front yard!

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