Decision Time!

It’s been a long wait, but things are finally moving again.

If you attended the reconciliation meeting in September, you should have received a letter from Council this week. In it, they advise that a report on the Go Ape proposal has been prepared and is to go before the Council’s Development Assessment Unit on Tuesday night, 2 February 2010.

The DAU meeting is a staff meeting and is not open to the public. The agenda, containing the full report, is now available from:

DAU Agenda – 2 February 2010

The report recommends that the application be refused on many grounds. It’s very difficult to envisage the DAU doing anything other than refusing the application. Having said that, the possible scenarios are (I think):

  1. The application is refused, and three Councillors do not make written notification to have the matter determined by a full Council meeting. Go Ape could then go to the Land and Environment Court.
  2. The application is refused, but at least three Councillors do make written notification to have the matter determined by a full Council meeting (i.e. there are three councillors who are in favour of Go Ape and want to argue the DAU decision in a full meeting of council). If that happens, we will need to mobilise again – full lobbying regalia will be required! We will know if this has happened on Thursday morning.
  3. Despite the recommendation to refuse the application, the DAU approves it (possibly with conditions attached). If this happens, we will need to phone or email councillors promptly to ask them to have the matter taken to a full Council meeting. They only have until 5pm that day (Wednesday). If it goes to a full meeting, we would, of course, be back in fully lobbying mode.
  4. The DAU could, perhaps, refer the matter to a full Council meeting without making a decision. Again, we would go on a war footing!

As soon as we have any news, we will report it here on the web site. If we do need to start lobbying again, email will be quickest means of getting in touch with people. If you haven’t already sent us your email address, please use the Contact page to get in touch.


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