Nature Conservation Council of NSW expresses “significant concerns”

The Nature Conservation Council of NSW has written to The Hills Shire Council to express its “significant concerns” at the proposed Go Ape development in Bidjigal Reserve. The letter can be seen here.

The NCC is also urging people to attend the Conciliation Conference on Monday, 7 September.

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2 Responses to “Nature Conservation Council of NSW expresses “significant concerns””

  1. Ryan Cunningham says:

    To whom it may concern,
    I wish to congratulate you on your fight against this development. I have been coming to this area for many years to enjoy the bush. I know of many others who also love this area and will be happy to help stop this proposal from going ahead.
    I look forward to the outcome and hope to enjoy the area the way that it is.


  2. Sheila Binegas says:

    Like Ryan, I too have been visiting the reserve regularly in the past few years and enjoy the natural environment in this unique urban setting. When I heard about the development, I was worried about the potential impacts this will have on the area and our access to it. I sincerely hope Council will make the right decision and keep the area as is.


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